Acclimatization chamber for Basic filter system

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This simple but very practical acclimatisation chamber is designed for the Basic filter system. It is simply placed on the degassing chamber of the Basic system and provided with a water connection. - The chamber can also be placed on straight surfaces next to or above an aquarium. Inlet, overflow and emergency outlet can be equipped with hoses.

Fish or other sensitive animals, which have to be acclimated slowly, are put into the acclimatisation chamber with the contents of the transport bag and the water inlet is adjusted drop by drop. When the maximum water level has been reached, the water runs down through the overflow into the degassing chamber.

If the water from the chamber should not run into the aquarium system under any circumstances, a hose is installed at the overflow with which the water can be drained.

The acclimatisation chamber has a lid to prevent fish from jumping out. We recommend that the chamber is positioned in such a way that there is neither bright light nor absolute darkness to avoid exposing the animals to stress.


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