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External overflow for aquariums for retrofitting - allows the connection between the aquarium and the lower filter tank. For all aquariums without overflow and those where subsequent drilling in the glass is not desired or possible. 

The AquaCare ExFlow is made of high-quality acrylic glass and can easily be hung on the side or rear panel. The water flows through filter combs into the submerged part of the ExFlow and is led through the flow-optimised transfer tube into the external part. From there, the water falls down to the filter tank (LSS). To eliminate waterfall noise, we recommend installing an angle seat control valve or diaphragm valve in the downpipe.

The system is secured by an emergency overflow in the external part of the ExFlow. For further protection, a float switch can be installed in the inner part of the ExFlow, that switches off the return pump if the water level is too high.

The ExFlow is characterised by the following points:

  • double the comb length of the screen compared to conventional overflows
  • low accumulation height in the aquarium (height difference of the water level between operation and stop)
  • Dirt at the top edge of the comb only leads to minimal additional accumulation heights
  • fish-safe overflow screens (skipping is excluded because of a cover)
  • emergency operation with completely dirty filter screens
  • air accumulation in the transfer tube excluded (within the recommended flow rate)
  • emergency overflow in the external chamber
  • absolutely noiseless adjustable
  • full electronic control possible through optional float switch
  • the effective volume flow can be read off
  • naturally  made-in-germany

The AquaCare ExFlow can compensate one malfunction (extremely dirty sieves, wrongly adjusted drain or too high water inlet flow). However, a combination can lead to malfunction, so we strongly recommend checking the water level in the aquarium and switching off the circulation pump if necessary.


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BasiTech level control / skimmer shut-off BasiTech level control / skimmer shut-off
maximum safety is provided by this switch-off, which stops the return pump when the aquarium water level exceeds the limit
201.29 € *
Level switch type "A", contact top = closed Level switch type "A", contact top = closed
for an electronic monitoring of the level in the ExFlow (e.g. connectable to an aquaristic computer)
28.76 € *
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