Skimmer ACF1000V with injector, max. 1000 litres

Skimmer ACF1000V with injector, max. 1000 litres

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Skimmer ACF1000V with injector, for max. 1000 litres sea water tanks, without pump, suitable for ozone operation.

These skimmers of the high-end class with the most effective Suspended Flow Principle are characterized by the effect, that the gas bubbles stay a long time in abeyance. With this long contact time between gas bubble and water a high exchange is realised even at small total heights. Carbon dioxid is driven out and oxygen is inserted. The adsorption of proteins is also a time-dependent factor, that is favored by long contact times.

The skimmers with injector are service reduced. The injector gets no chalk crust up to 10°KH.

You may operate this skimmer externally or inside a filter sump. With the holder (option) a hang-on operation is possible, too.

Advantages compared to other skimmers:

  • extreme long contact time; that means:
    • high enrichment of oxygen and ozone
    • forming of the carbon dioxid - hydrogen carbonate - carbonate - buffer system at low alkalinity
    • more even pH value
  • short total height
  • lowers the numbers of free bacteria to about 20%
  • reduces the ozone demand by 70%
  • low ammonia / ammonium, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate concentrations
  • and of course   made-in-germany

Necessary Accessories:

  • Feed water pump or bypass from a main pump
  • holder for hang-on operation
  • ozone generator for ozone operation
  • degasing stage for extrem sensitive animals (e.g. jellyfish or larvae), if the water flows directly back into the aquarium


Product Note Status Price
Universal pump aquabee UP3000 Universal pump aquabee UP3000
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BasiTech level control / skimmer shut-off BasiTech level control / skimmer shut-off
this control protects an external installed skimmer against overflowing
201.29 € *
Hang-on holder for skimmer ACF1000A+V Hang-on holder for skimmer ACF1000A+V
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39.83 € *
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