Surcharge for flushing system for cup (up to ACF3000)

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Surcharge for a flushing system for skimmer cups of the skimmers ACF1000 to ACF3000 consisting of a time-controlled solenoid valve and flushing nozzles..

Only valid in combination with an order of an AquaCare skimmer. Older systems can be retrofitted after consultation. Retrofits of non-AquaCare equipment on request.

The lid of a skimmer is equipped with flushing nozzles. The connections of these nozzles are brought together at the top of the lid with pressure-resistant PE hoses and routed to the flushing valve. The flushing valve can be mounted to a water tap (a water tap connection is additionally required). As soon as the flush valve is supplied with power, the system flushes the cup from the inside for approx. 30 seconds every 30 minutes and discharges the protein foam and the flotate from the cup. Important: the cup must have a drain connection which is connected to the drain.
If flushing is to be less frequent, the transformer of the valve can be connected to a timer.

Scope of delivery:

  • Spray nozzles (installed in lid)
  • connections (push-fit fittings)
  • automatic time valve
  • transformer 24 VDC for automatic time valve
  • drain for skimmer cup
  • 5 m PE hose 6/4 black


Technical data:

Required height above cup lid: 5 cm
hose connection: 6 mm plug-in fitting
technical data flush valve: see here  
technical data transformer: see here  


Product Note Status Price
tap water connector 3/4" BSP - 6/4 hose tap water connector 3/4" BSP - 6/4 hose
(Diameter: 6/4)
for direct connection to a 3/4" water tap
10.07 € *
PE hose for medium pressure range PE hose for medium pressure range
(Diameter: 6/4, Farbe: schwarz)
suitable pressure hose
0.88 € / m *
Spray nozzle for skimmer cups Spray nozzle for skimmer cups
spare spraying nozzle
2.71 € *
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