Reverse osmosis additional module 160 l/d

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Additional module for reverse osmosis system. Extends the capacity of a reverse osmosis unit.

This article should only be ordered in combination with an AquaCare 1:3 R.O. unit. For already existing or foreign units please contact us, because the waste water reduction system (waste water valve) must be adapted to the total capacity. This module cannot be used for 1:1 systems because the capacity of the booster pump is not sufficient.

Technical data:
Daily water production: 160 litres (at 4 bar pressure, 15°C, 500 mg/l TDS, +/- 15%)
(with American standard at 25°C): 240 litres
Hourly water production: 7 litres (at 4 bar pressure, 15°C, 500 mg/l TDS, +/- 15%)
Rejection: minimum 95% (at 4 bar pressure, 15°C, 500 mg/l TDS, +/- 15%)
Membrane: TFC (Thin Film Composite) made of polyamide / polysulfone
Necessary feed pressure: 3 - 8 bar
Maximum water hardness of feed water: 20°dH
Life time membrane: 1 - 10 years (depends extremely on feed water quality - data are empirical values)

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