AquaCare Videos

Basic0025-10s 1st prototype of the BasicHangOn 25 filter system (DE)
RO-2Excel160-10sz1 2-stage Reverse Osmosis (DE)
Turbo6-10sv Tutorial Turbo Chalk Reactor size 6-8
ADN0600-01v ADN filter flush with automatic flushing device
Filter150-11z1 Filter 150 as fluidized bed filter
mf2-050-alge01-z MF2 as algae tube
mf2-050-90z MF2 assembly and conversion options
TKF150-video The AquaCare Trickling Filter
TKF 150
ACF6000-video The AquaCare skimmer
acf090v-01v The AquaCare skimmer ACF1000V in the Red Sea
mf2-050-FBF-24v Tutorial fluidized bed filter with quartz sand
Glo-Spirulina-11v The AquaCare Globuli System