Filter Technique

Filter Technique

The most common filters for a modern marine aquarium are described here. Filter systems can be divided into different groups.

According to the installation type:

  • Internal filter / hang-in: in the aquarium or in the filter tank.
  • External filter: the filter is placed outside the aquarium or filter tank.
  • Filter sump: the filter can be placed in the filter basin.
  • Hang-on: the filter can be hung on the outside of an aquarium or filter basin.
  • Wall mounting: the filter is hung on a mounting wall.
  • Inline: the filter is so small that it is installed directly in the piping system.
  • MediaCup: simple filters that can be placed in the filter basin or hung in a holding system.

By function (some filters can solve multiple tasks):

  • Particle filters: anything larger than colloids falls into this category.
  • Biofilter: with the help of specialised bacteria and algae, substances are converted.
    • oxic filters: oxygen is needed for the process.
    • Anaerobic: oxygen is needed in bound form (nitrate, sulphate, etc.).
    • anoxic: fermentation processes take place in which no oxygen is required.
  • Physico-chemical filters: Processes such as adsorption, dissolution, irradiation, ion exchange or precipitation take place.
  • Membrane filters: remove dissolved substances, colloids and extremely small particles.

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01 Tap water

Product no.: LexF01

02 Reverse osmosis technology

Product no.: LexF02

03 Mixed bed resin filter

Product no.: LexF03

04 Softener

Product no.: LexF04

05 Prefilter

Product no.: LexF05

10 Sock filter

Product no.: LexF10

11 Fleece filter

Product no.: LexF11

13 Microfiltration

Product no.: LexF13

14 Sand Filter

Product no.: LexF14

20 Living stones

Product no.: LexF20

21 Deep Sand

Product no.: LexF21

22 JAUBERT system

Product no.: LexF22

23 Fluidized bed filter

Product no.: LexF23

24 Refugium

Product no.: LexF24

25 Algae filter

Product no.: LexF25

26 Algae Scrubber

Product no.: LexF26

27 POC Filter

Product no.: LexF27

28 Sulphur Nitrate Filter

Product no.: LexF28

29 Carbon Nitrate Filter

Product no.: LexF29

32 Sponge loop filter

Product no.: LexF32

40 Skimmer

Product no.: LexF40

41 Activated carbon

Product no.: LexF41

42 Phosphate-silicate adsorber

Product no.: LexF42

43 Zeolite filter

Product no.: LexF43

44 CO2 adsorber

Product no.: LexF44

45 Air dryer

Product no.: LexF45

50 Calcium reactor

Product no.: LexF50

51 Kalkwasser reactor

Product no.: LexF51

52 Carbon dioxide reactor

Product no.: LexF52

60 UV irradiation

Product no.: LexF60

70 Water change

Product no.: LexF70

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