Micro Filtration MF/UF

Micro Filtration MF/UF

Field of Application:

Microfiltration for aquaristics is not very common - until now. But for some applications nearly sterile water makes sense. For phytoplankton breeding it is very important that foreign organisms are not introduced. Even one "wrong" algae may overgrow the wished culture.

If you breed fish larvae introduced bacteria, protozoa, predacious copepodes and other parasites may kill the defenseless breed and a lot of work is destroyed. Alternatively you can use fresh mixed sea water. But this must mature and you must adapt the quality carefully to the old water. Mistakes may kill the breed.  

In "naked" quarantine systems (without ground, without porous material, but with currents) microfiltration may effectively filter out pathogen swarmers and destructive bacteria, even large viruses are rejected. For very sensitive organisms a microfiltration unit reduces the losses compared to medical treatments.

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Micro-Filtration Unit 6-10 l/h

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Microfiltration plant 800 l/h with CIP

Product no.: MF90-100-CIP

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