"Kalkwasser" Reactor KWR

"Kalkwasser" Reactor KWR

With the "Kalkwasser" Reactor "Kalkwasser" (lime water, WILKENS method) is produced automatically. Lime water enriches the water with calcium and reduces phosphate by precipitation. The pH may raise slightly.

Calcium hydroxide / hydrated lime (minimum quality "pure") is given into the Lime Water Reactor. A rigid circulation pump with double ceramic bearings enables that the lime milk - a suspension of water and calcium hydroxide - is in motion to prevent settling the calcium hydroxide powder. Above the lime milk the clear lime water ("Kalkwasser") is ready to use. Proportional to the incoming water the lime water is mixed and introduced to the aquarium.
The inconvenient manual mixing of lime water is eliminated - maintenance is reduced drastically.

You may combine the lime reactor KWR perfectly with an automatic level control to accomplish refilling of evaporated water from the tank with lime water. In combination with a chalk reactor (CO2 driven) the KWR should be operated at night, the chalk reactor however during the day.

Advantages over other lime mixers:

  • intensively mixing ot the suspension
  • free outlet enables a safe operation: check valve or adjustment devices are installed at the inlet and will not scale
  • continuous or discontinuous operation
  • sizes for all aquaria available
  • extrem high load capacity of calcium hydroxide
  • refill intervals up to some months

If you are looking for larger systems please choose the industrial version of Lime Reactor.

Spare parts for your Kalkwasserreaktor can be found here.

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Lime water reactor 300: for 6.2 to 28 m3 aquaria

Product no.: KWR300

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Lime water reactor 400: for 28 to 68 m3 aquaria

Product no.: KWR400

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Calcium Hydroxide 500 g, "purest"

Product no.: 570-005

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Delivery weight: 0.81 kg

Powder funnel for filling solid substances

Product no.: Trichter

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Lime water reactor 100: for 800 to 1900 litre aquariums

Product no.: KWR100

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Lime Water Reactor KWR 250, max. 7000 litres

Product no.: 340-025

952.00 *
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Delivery period: 5-10 working days
Delivery weight: 20 kg

Lime Water Reactor KWR 70: 350-900 litres aquaria

Product no.: KWR-70

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Lime water reactor 150: for 1800 to 4400 litres aquaria

Product no.: KWR150

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