Zeolite material 8 - 16 mm

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Coarse zeolite material for the zeolite process. The material consists of a mineral with a high clinoptilolite content. This natural aluminum silicate has good adsorber and exchanger properties and is thus ideally qualified to realize the physical and biological processes of the zeolite method.

In addition, heavy metals are bound to the surface and thus rendered harmless.

Ammonium/ammonia is quickly bound to the surface of the zeolite and thus removed from the water body. Bacteria growing on the zeolite absorb the ammonium/ammonia along with other organic compounds. For the process to work stably, the filter bed must be cleared of excess bacteria daily. This is done by rinsing with water and/or air. In addition, approximately 2/3 of the material should be replaced every two months.

For aquariums with high nutrient content (phosphate > 0.1 mg/l, nitrate > 10 mg/l), the rinse water should be introduced before the suction side of the skimmer to reduce the load.

For aquariums with low nutrient levels, it makes sense to discharge the rinse water directly in front of the suction side of the recirculation pump or directly into the aquarium. This will provide corals and other filter feeders with high quality bacterioplankton.

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