10" mineral filter

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The Mineral Filter is connected directly after a reverse osmosis unit and enriches the water with minerals in form of calcium and alkalinity (carbonate hardness)

  • easy to install,
  • the granules (filter filling) are easy to replace.

Field of application:

  • sea water aquaria with very low calcium needs
  • fresh water aquaria for adjusting carbonat hardness (alkalinity) and total hardness (calcium)


Product Note Status Price
Turbo Ca granules Turbo Ca granules
Calcium material for mineral filter from 21.93 € *
Turbo Magnesium Granules Turbo Magnesium Granules
Magnesium material for mineral filter from 27.33 € *
Calcium carbonate gravel, white Calcium carbonate gravel, white
alternative calcium material
from 4.64 € *
Empty Filter 10" Empty Filter 10"
Spare filter cartridge without filter material
29.00 € *
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