10" antiscaling filter (prevents lime scale)

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The antiscaling filter largely prevents calcification of reverse osmosis membranes - especially recommended for very hard water. The filter is simply installed before the pre-filter of the R.O. unit and is ready for operation. 

The harder the feed water and the more unstable the water chemistry, the faster reverse osmosis membranes calcify. This causes the membrane to lose performance and retention rate (removal of substances). Common and scientifically proven methods to reduce this scaling process are an upstream softening or a hardness stabilisation = antiscaling.

The 10" filter insert consists of a transparent housing filled with antiscaling balls and fits into 10" filter housings. The balls dissolve very slowly in the passing water and release the membrane protective substance. This chemical does not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the pure water can be used without hesitation for sensitive animals. The antiscaling balls last for several years, depending on the quality of the raw water and the period of use. If the balls have shrunk to approx. 1/4, the filter cartridge should be replaced.

Please check regularly - approx. every 4 weeks - the waste water performance of the reverse osmosis unit by measuring. If the flow rate is reduced, clean the reducing valve / flow limiter or replace it.


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