Basic 70 for approx. 300 litres incl. technique

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Please specify at the end of the order if the aquarium drain is on the right or left side.
The maximum size depends on the area of the aquarium, the type and length of the overflow and the circulation volume flow; please do not calculate too tightly and choose a larger Basic basin if in doubt.

The Basic 70 filter tank is suitable for marine aquariums up to approx. 300 liters. It consists of an acrylic glass basin in which the following components are installed ready for operation:

  • Sock filter for removing particles and fibers: can be washed out quickly and easily.
  • MediaCup for filling with any filter material, e.g. activated carbon, phosphate adsorber, etc..
  • Control heater with holder.
  • Skimmer with highly effective bubble generation system and suspended flow principle.
  • Powerful and quiet air pump type Schego.
  • Degassing stage for removal of smallest, disturbing gas bubbles in the return water.
  • Refill valve for refilling evaporated water.
  • Internal connections of the filters (if a return pump is ordered with it).
  • 1 set of maintenance products: KH-plus, calcium-plus and trace elements.

You still need:

  • Drain from the aquarium to the Basic filter system. Aquariums without an internal drain can be retrofitted with the ExFlow
  • Return pump to the aquarium (the appropriate types can be found below under "Accessories").
  • Piping or hose back to the aquarium.
  • Also, at the end of your order, please choose whether the drain from the aquarium is on the right or left side.

This includes the following individual products

Basic 70: Filter Tank for approx. 300 litres aquaria "R" (installation direction: Inlet right)
1 piece(s)
399.84 € / 1 piece(s) *
Aquarium control heater, long version (Connected load: 300 W)
1 piece(s)
33.30 € / 1 piece(s) *
Media Cup for Basic filter system - 50 mm, 300 mm long (Model size: 300)
1 piece(s)
27.37 € / 1 piece(s) *
Skimmer ACF300A w. air wood, max. 300 litres
1 piece(s)
252.25 € / 1 piece(s) *
Aerator Schego optimal - 250 l/h
1 piece(s)
25.23 € / 1 piece(s) *
Trace Elements for sea water (Volume: 1000 ml)
1 piece(s)
27.94 € / 1 piece(s) *
Hydrogencarbonat / KH-plus (Volume: 1000 ml)
1 piece(s)
23.04 € / 1 piece(s) *
Calcium / GH-plus (Volume: 1000 ml)
1 piece(s)
23.04 € / 1 piece(s) *
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Product Note Status Price
Energy saving pump aquabee UP5000e Energy saving pump aquabee UP5000e
suitable very quiet and adjustable return pump
469.00 € *
Universal pump aquabee UP3000 Universal pump aquabee UP3000
robust, quiet and inexpensive recirculation pump
110.00 € *
ExFlow - external overflow from aquarium to LSS, up to 360 litres  (1.1-1.8 m3/h) ExFlow - external overflow from aquarium to LSS, up to 360 litres (1.1-1.8 m3/h)
(Model size: 25)
If there is no overflow in the aquarium, this external overflow should be used.
173.00 € *
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