Magnesium stage for Turbo Chalk Reactors made of PMMA

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This magnesium stage for Turbo Chalk Reactors made of PMMA (acrylic glass) can be easily hung behind the sediment stage. The unit made of high quality acrylic glass is filled with AquaCare magnesium granules. The still slightly acidic water from the Turbo Chalk Reactor runs over the granules and dissolves them slowly. If the magnesium enrichment is not sufficient, the air of the neutralization stage can be throttled or shut off in the Turbo Chalk Reactor. 
If no additional magnesium dosage is needed the magnesium stage can be removed quickly.

Advantages over other methods:

  • more even power than dosing weekly a magensium fluid or powder
  • high dissolving characteristics of the pure magnesium containing material
  • and of course made-in-germany

Required accessories:

  • Lime reactor made of acrylic glass (PMMA)


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