Reactor d150: with 5.5 -13.4 litres volume

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Reactor with a diameter of 150 mm made of clear acrylic glass (PMMA) for different filter materials.

This reactor can be used for the fluidized bed process with variable feed. Different screens are available for various filter materials. A drain valve and a measuring chain connection can also be added (also at a later date).

Field of operation of the AquaCare reactor:

  • PO4-X reactor: To prevent the phosphate concentration in the aquarium from dropping too quickly, the independent adjustment of the water supply to the reactor is necessary. Especially SPS corals react very sensitively to a too fast decrease of the phosphate concentration. The lower the inflow is set, the slower the phosphate level will drop. The fluidized bed is kept intact thanks to the integrated circulation pump and makes optimal use of the valuable adsorbent material.

  • POC+Globuli: It may also be useful here to reduce nitrate and phosphate concentrations more slowly than would be possible with the full fluidized bed output.

  • A heterotrophic denitrification filter (operated with organic C-source) with quartz sand as bacteria growth body is also possible. In this case it is even crucial that the inflow is extremely throttled in order to be able to establish anaerobic conditions and thus a nitrate reduction in the filter. A redox measuring chain can be integrated in the lid. An additional T-piece is required in the inlet for dosing the C-source. A drop counter is practical for adjusting the water inflow.

  • This reactor can also be used to construct a simple lime (calcium) reactor. Only a T-piece in the feed, a drop counter for the feed water and a CO2 supply consisting of bubble counter, check valve and CO2 pressure bottle are additionally required. A pH control system can also be installed with a measuring chain connection; this requires a pH controller with pH measuring chain and solenoid valve. Suitable filter materials are Turbo-calcium granules, crushed lime or crushed coral.

  • With the same additional parts, a magnesium reactor can also be constructed. Only a different filter material is necessary: Turbo Magnesium.

Characteristics of the AquaCare reactor:

  • independent adjustment of water inlet and fluidized bed flow rate
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials thanks to interchangeable filter screens
  • quick conversion to a simple filter possible
  • and of course made-in-germany, made of German quality acrylic material

Reactor set up:

  • in the filter sump
  • external (beside, under or over the aquarium)

Necessary accessories:

  • water inlet supply with enough pressure (bypass of a main pump of a small pump)
  • filter material suitable for fluidized bed
  • and the suitable bottom filter sceen


Product Note Status Price
Bottom screen + tube for PMMA filters d70 to d300 Bottom screen + tube for PMMA filters d70 to d300
A lower filter screen with tube is absolutely necessary for the function. Select the size, length and " fluidized bed screen".
from 15.55 € *
Wall brackets for PMMA-Filter d150 Wall brackets for PMMA-Filter d150
(Model size: 150)
wall bracket for the filter (strongly recommended for long filters; 1/2 set can also be ordered.)
26.99 € / set(s) *
Mounting part for 12 mm probes for M20x1.5 thread Mounting part for 12 mm probes for M20x1.5 thread
if an electrode (pH or ORP) is to be installed, this set is required.
10.74 € *
Silicone hose for pressureless operation Silicone hose for pressureless operation
(Diameter: 7/4)
Silicone hose for the inlet (and vent hose)
4.57 € / m *
Silicone hose for pressureless operation Silicone hose for pressureless operation
(Diameter: 18/12)
Silicone hose for the outlet
17.73 € / m *
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