Microfiltration plant 800 l/h with CIP

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Microfiltration or ultrafiltration is a very fine filtration. All particles (even larger colloids) above 0.03 µm - including bacteria and large viruses - are retained and removed with the backwash water.

Typical fields of application are everywhere where bacteria-free water is required. For example, if seawater is produced centrally and has to be treated for sensitive cultures. The rinsing water from several sand filter systems can also be treated together and used again.

The water is pressurized by the built-in centrifugal pump as soon as the filtrate valve is opened. Now the system produces bacteria-free water until the filtrate valve is closed again.
As soon as the capacity of the system decreases, the membrane must be backflushed. For this purpose, filtrate is fed into the CIP tank. The water path is then manually changed with ball valves so that the water is now forced backwards through the membrane. Once the CIP tank is empty, it is switched back to production operation.
Chemical cleaning / disinfection:
If the capacity is no longer increased to the nominal capacity by backwashing, this is a sign that the membrane must be chemically cleaned. Pure water is filled into the CIP tank and mixed with appropriate chemicals. Now the cleaning solution is circulated through the membrane. After neutralisation and/or disinfection, water can be filtered again.

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