Sponge Loop Filter

Sponge Loop Filter

The so-called sponge loop describes the biochemical connection of corals and sponges. Corals release daily dissolved organic substances (DOC) into the water, which can hardly be used by other reef organisms. This coral slime is absorbed by hidden living sponges and converted into particulate compounds (POC). These particles in turn are available again to other filtering organisms - including other corals - and stabilize the aquarium biocoenosis (living community).
AquaCare has developed the Sponge-Loop filter for aquariums that are sparsely equipped with reef ceramics, living or perforated rocks and can therefore hardly colonize sponges.

The filter should be installed before the skimmer. The water from the Sponge-Loop filter should be led directly back into the aquarium (in front of the return pump) and not through the skimmer.

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